Tone Firming Program

Strong muscles are very advantageous to our health and directly effect the way we look, feel, and function. Muscles burn energy to produce movement and warmth. Even at rest our muscles burn energy (calories) so the more muscle mass we have - the more calories we burn.

The body's shape is determined by bone structure and muscle-to-fat ratio. More muscle and less fat improves physique. Within genetic constraints, muscle adds shape and firmness to the body.

"I've been using WBV 2-3 times per week for a couple of months as my main form of exercise, supplemented by a little walking. My muscles are significantly stronger and more toned - especially my legs and upper arms. The new muscle means my weight is staying the same but my body shape is changing. I now need a belt to hold up my jeans and can wear tops without sleeves." Lee, Floreat

Incredibly More Efficient Muscle Firming Program

The Tone Firming Program is unique and the first of its kind in the World. Through the use of Whole Body Vibration you have the opportunity to experience the most effective and efficient muscle firming program available.

"In just 10 minutes I can complete an entire exercise program to tone my whole body. The shaking and incredible movement you feel is comfortable and in no way intrusive. My weight loss has never been better and it truly works." Jillian, Alfred Cove

By boosting the body's ability to grow and maintain muscle more efficiently. Whole body Vibration has the edge on conventional training methods. It has been shown to boost the body's physiologic responses such as increasing muscle fibre activation, improving hormone profile vital to increasing fat-free mass, increasing basal metabolic rate and reducing appearance of cellulite. All of these contribute to enhanced tone, for a firmer, more defined shape.

"I did an intense program of 25 sessions. I found it incredibly effective - it re-shaped by hips and behind. My clothes fit better and my 'muffin top' has gone. I could feel my metabolism improve and I had more energy to do other exercise. I found I slept better and am more focussed. I can't wait to get back on." Nicole, Willetton

Tone Your Body In Ten Minutes with our WBV Exercise Program!


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